Apparatus for phototherapy

The apparatus “Dyuna-T” is successfully employed for prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases, injuries, burns. It eliminates edema, improves blood circulation and lymphokinesia, stimulates recovery from influenza and cold, improves immunity.

The apparatus for phototherapy “Dyuna-T” is designed for noninvasive treatment of different diseases in people and animals. The apparatus can be used in combination with other treatment methods (medicines, manual therapy etc.). The apparatus provides for simultaneous penetrating impact of the red and infrared range light flux.   


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Neoplasm (malignant and non-malignant).

States preconditioned by de-compensating of cardiovascular, renal and hepatic systems.

Massive suppurative processes (phlegmon, abscess and lymphadenitis of undetermined origin).

Active stage of tuberculosis.

If any photo-conducting elements are implanted, photoerythema.

Arterial thrombosis, acute stage of embolism.

Lymphadenitis of undetermined origin.


Red wave length, nm  650±15

IR wave length, nm  840-950

Total density, mW/cm2   2

Exposure area, cm2   12

Power consumption, VA not more than   6

Weight, g   250

Supply voltage, V    220±10