“Silver Tablet”

Self-contained Bipolar Pulse Stimulator of Gastrointestinal Tract
Stimulator of the gastrointestinal tract, self-contained bipolar pulse SGIT-4-“Dyuny” (“Silver Tablet”) is designed for automatic electro stimulation of gastrointestinal tract organs (stomach,

duodenum, small and large intestines) as well as liver, pancreas and other organs in order to stimulate their blood circulation, to normalize motor secretory functions. Moreover, SGIT-4 “Dyuny” can be applied to normalize metabolic and immunologic processes, to stimulate muscular tonus, receptor apparatus and pathway of the central and peripheral nervous systems and other.      Modification of the “Silver Tablet” - rectovaginal stimulator (RVS) can be applied as well, it has a special flexible holder.  Positive results of the RVC application were obtained in pediatrics: in treatment of enuresis, craniocerebral and spinal traumas.
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